To blog or not to blog

A short explanation for the porpoise of HermitBlog

Why a blog?

To start I (Hertog) had a blog already which I wanted to post lil nix(os) tutorial on since I have had trouble finding those in the past.
This blog will be more than that and the porpoise will be more selfish honestly, writing seems like an excellent way for me to throw my thoughts out there without needing to bother to many others with it.
I am not saying that because I find myself so annoying but so that I don’t have to cater towards a specific content.

Why here?

Well while I would love for hermitcollective to grow beyond just me I doubt that will ever happen, most people who care enough (and are techy enough to be oke with nixos fuckery) will have set up their own site.
So one it is just me here so allot more freedom in what I do with this place and two the things I used to build it interest me greatly and kinda fuel the need for a blog as well (if I decide to blog about it).
Now ofcourse I could just ramble on social media (and I do) I find I use social media for a more direct posting approach, less thought out and much shorter (and sillier).

So when will you post?

Oh so you are interested in my posts aren’t you strawman? I am truly flattered.
I intend to post in two scenarious:

In conclusion (not really)

When I post will definetly not be random, from my perspective that is.
Do not expect thing just any but not anything if that makes sense.
Who knows maby when I start my next school I will post more often due to working on more projects (unless I start before that HAHA!!).